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Staging Tips for Sellers

The sale of your home is just as important to us as it is to you - the Seller!

Remember to put yourself into a routine and go through the house in the morning or night - whatever fits your schedule - and dust, vacuum, clean counters/vanities, etc.  Water flowers and make sure toys are picked up and your property is "Ready at a Moments Notice" because it will happen when an agent calls and is sitting in front of the property with a potential buyer wanting to see your home - Right Now! It may not be convenient, but is worth it when you sell.  

Here are some tips that have proven to be successful.... 

  1. Consider the Curb Appeal - Landscaping is nice but can be expensive.  At minimum, keep lawns freshly mowed, leaves raked, or snow shoveled.  Consider hanging or potted plants for colour.  Sweep the porch, deck and all walkways.  Ensure garbage and recycling is tucked away. 
  2. Get rid of clutter! - De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter!! Go through your house, one closet or area at a time so the task isn't so daunting.  Look at each item critically and ask yourself why am I keeping it.  The less clutter the larger the space will look. 
  3. Watch where the eyes go - Walk along each corridor and into every room and check to see where your eye is drawn.  If the area needs some TLC , take some time to fix it or clean it because savvy buyers will see it too.  Add appealing decor around the house like pictures, vases to help draw buyer's eyes away and onto more appealing parts of your home.
  4. Find a fix-it person - Take a look around your house for things you never got around to fixing and decide which ones might be distracting to potential buyers such as cupboard doors off hinges, leaky taps, or missing baseboards.  Get a referral for a good fix-it person.
  5. Clean, clean and clean again - This could be one of the most stressful aspects of having your home up for sale but is well worth the effort.  Remember that a clean home leaves the impression that the house is well cared for and will put buyers at ease about the property's care.  So vaccuum, dust, and clean appliances regularly while your house is on the market. 
  6. Fresh coat of paint - An easy and cost effective way to update or revitalize a room is with a coat of paint.  If you have time you can do it yourself or your newly hired fix-it person can complete this project.
  7. Light it up - Dimly lit rooms tend to look smaller so keep it bright when potential buyers are going through your home.  If you have a gas/electric fireplace turn it on to help create a warm and comfortable space.
  8. Let in some air - Try to keep odours away by letting some fresh air in the house at least 15 minutes before a showing or open house.